Junior Wrap-up: Sterling da Silva

The Under 14s Boys entered their contest at Bucks Hornets full of enthusiasm and came out of the blocks hard and left Buckinghamshire with a hard-earned 56-53 win.

The entire game became an exercise in defensive discipline for the boys which they responded to well. This focus led to some poor, rushed offensive decisions and a much tenser finish than it should have been. Coach Syd Payne said “It was a good win for the boys in an unusual situation. They should use this as a stepping stone to continued improvement.”

Final Score Bucks Hornets 53 – Ipswich 56- Leading Scores Luke Da Silva 20, Harrison Gregg 11.

Coach Hayley Rigby and the Under-16 Girls defeated Sheffield Hatters 74-63 at home in an important win.

After a tied first quarter, Ipswich were unable to gain control of the game until late into the second quarter where Ipswich were able to run out to a 6 point lead. With the team knowing this was not a comfortable lead they knew something had to change.

During the first half team competitiveness and an atmosphere was lacking, this rapidly changed in the third quarter where the Ipswich team were able to run out a 13 point lead. Whilst there are still things to work on, the rest of the season is looking promising. Scoring led by Esther Little with 19, followed by Tash Jarvis with 10 and Ella Pearson with 9

Following three straight wins, Ipswich welcomed Brentwood to Copleston on Sunday afternoon and succumbed to a 59-65 defeat. Ipswich struggled during the early possessions and took until the 6th minute to score. Coach Kevin Manning’s squad continued to load the pressure on themselves by allowing the visitors rebounding success and increased offensive opportunities.

At the end of the first quarter Ipswich were chasing an eight-point deficit. The second period showed signs of improvement, but it took until the third quarter for Ipswich to reduce the size of their task, with 10 mins remaining they were chasing a five-point gap. Ipswich opened up the fourth well and seized the momentum; in the 35th minute the home side took their first lead.

The two sides were separated by a single score until the final 2 minutes when Ipswich seemed to switch off and give up 6 unanswered points to give the result to the visitors.

The Under-16 boys suffered a heavy 51-104 loss to London Pioneers in a game and performance that Ipswich will want to forget quickly. Pioneers punished a very poor Ipswich side who will look to move their attention quickly to next week’s home game vs Sussex.