IBC Internationals 2017: Esther Little

Despite her young age Esther is no stranger to international duty (Image: Basketball England)

With the off-season in full effect, there is no time to rest for our junior internationals, who are in full preparation mode ahead of the European Championships this summer. Having been selected as part of the u16 national team last year, Esther Little sat down with Ipswich Basketball to talk about her journey in the sport and with the club over the past four years.

IpswichBasketball.net: How did you first get into basketball?

Esther Little: My PE teacher in year 7 asked me to join the school basketball team, where we went to the school finals. From there I got picked up by Kathryn James who asked me to trial for Ipswich.

IB: Describe your game?

EL: Fast and physical!

IB: You have been part of the national teams programme for three seasons now. What have been the highs and lows for you?

EL: Being in the starting 5 for U15’s at Copenhagen has to be a high and also going out to Romania last season with the U16 team a year young. I haven’t really had many bad moments; the worst thing is probably missing the flight to Copenhagen for my first tournament representing England.

IB: You led the Ipswich u16 girls to second place in the whole country last season, how does that experience compare to the other highlights of your basketball career?

EL: I think it is one of the best moments of my basketball career, definitely a weekend I won’t forget!! It has to be close behind representing my country in previous years.

IB: You will be playing both u16’s and Senior Women’s next season. What are you individual and team goals for both teams?

EL: For u16 I would like to improve my leadership roles on the team and help the team reach final fours as we did last year.

At women’s level, I think it will be a good opportunities to play with players with more experience than me and with new people. We are hoping to get promoted for the following season to Div1.

IB: Who have been the biggest influences in your basketball career to date?

EL:Amy Linton and Nick Drane for the opportunities over the past years, to help me get to where I am now.

IB: Where do you see yourself in five years time?

EL: I’m hoping to go to university in America on a scholarship.

IB: What do you do when you are not playing basketball?

EL: Sleep!!

IB: What do you want to do after basketball?

EL: I’d like to get into coaching.

IB: What advice would you give a young player, who like you, is identified as someone with great potential at such a young age?

EL: Have fun – and work hard.