IBC Senior Open Trials: Thursday 13th July

John Ellis (centre) will head-coach the Ipswich Basketball Senior Team in 2017/18 and is looking to add talent to his roster (Image: Pavel Kricka)

Ipswich Basketball Club are holding an open try-out session on Thursday 13th July and invite all senior basketball players to attend if you wish to try out for a National Basketball League Division II club with high ambitions.

Head Coach John Ellis is looking to assemble a renewed squad following the departure of some senior team players and a need to add depth and versatility to the roster.

All players are invited to attend regardless of previous experience.

“We are really excited to see who comes in and assess some new faces,” said Coach Ellis. “I’m always keen to meet new players and broaden our horizons as a group, and if that means we can add a couple new guys who improve the make-up of our squad overall then I’m excited by that.

“I’m not worried about where you’ve played before – whether you’re new to the UK, or a former Ipswich Basketball player looking to come back and get back into it. Everyone is welcome.”

Ellis and his assistant Rob Schatten will be on hand at the try-outs as well as current players continuing with the team.

“We have high ambitions and expectations of ourselves every season representing this great club, and we’re optimistic we can stun some people this season,” said Schatten.

The trials will begin at 8pm at IBC’s home court in Copleston Sports Centre. If you wish to attend the trials, please complete the short form below.

If you are a non-EEA (European Economic Area) citizen but hold nationality in an EEA country, please list BOTH nationalities
Please include at least your last club and competition played in.