Calling all college hopefuls: Get to Copleston on Monday

Ipswich Basketball Academy are delighted to be hosting Custom College Recruitment this coming Monday evening (October 17th).

The evening will begin at 7pm and is aimed at all Ipswich Basketball Cub juniors with a short-term or long-term ambition of playing basketball at a North American college or university.

CCR are a recruitment agency that offer a service to student athletes who wish to take their basketball career to the next level, overseas in America.

IBA’s link with CCR, combined with their already nationally recognised reputation for college recruitment in the USA and Canada, is further evidence of Copleston’s place as a powerhouse programme both in the men’s and women’s game in the UK.

Custom College Recruiting is a US college/university recruiting and education service designed to create pathways for student/athletes pursing opportunities within the US University system after they complete their Further Education.

ccrShane Howard, founder and CEO of Custom College Recruiting: “Our goal with what we do and the seminars we host is to educate the families and athletes on the ins and outs of college recruiting, the do’s and don’ts, the different eligibility rules and the things to stay away from in the process. There are a lot of people that have zero interest in what’s best for the athlete and we want to educate the families on the many myths that are circulating around about college recruiting and even college recruiting services.”

Nick Drane, Head Coach, Ipswich Basketball Academy: “It’s a great opportunity for players not only from Ipswich, but from anywhere in the region, to come and take a look at what opportunities there are in terms of College recruitment in the U.S. Our tradition for having players recruited on scholarships is as good as anyone’s. We have had players go to top NCAA Division One schools, as well as a variety of D2 and Junior College programme’s. With my own and Coach Sadler’s network of contacts overseas, combined with what CCR have to offer, it again demonstrates what an amazing programme we have built here in Ipswich”.

For more information about Custom College Recruitment visit their website here: